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Hi Experts,

I have a unique issue. I bought a LD Discovery 2020 P250 in Oct 2019.

Everything works smoothly. Then ,I gave my vehicle for servicing on Sep 2020 and they made a software upgrade and since then the care locks and arms but doesn't make a sound.
I generally don' t heed to sound but I parked it once in LD showroom garage and couldn't find my car (was a nightmare.. all black P250s)

I took it back to showroom and the service people said there is NO such feature in your car ? What the heck.
Do any of you guys have a LD Discovery 2020 P250 model and can send me a link of video of double lock with sound so I can show those to showroom guys.

Help is appreciated.


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Double locking secures the vehicle and prevents the doors from being unlocked or opened from inside or outside the vehicle.
Double locking provides extra security if the vehicle is left unattended. The vehicle cannot be opened by breaking a window and operating the doors from inside. Additionally, double locking arms the full alarm system.
Press the lock button on the smart key twice within 3 seconds to double lock the vehicle and arm the full alarm system. The hazard warning lights flash twice to confirm. If enabled, a double lock tone sounds.

What happens when you press the lock button twice?
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