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Land Rover will build the Discovery Sport in its Changshu plant

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Land Rover has announced plans to produce the new Discovery Sport at its plant in China. That's according the Land Rover director of programs, Murray Dietsch.

Along with the Range Rover Evoque, the Land Rover will be produced at the Changshu plant, which is a joint venture with Chinese partner, Chery Automobile. The Changshu plant has an annual capacity of 130,000 vehicles. This should make sure that jaguar Land Rover is able to keep up with Chinese demand.

Land Rover will also build the Discovery Sport in at its Changshu plant in China
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What they do need to be careful of is the fickle nature of Chinese consumers...

Since the Range Rover Evoque was launched, one in five of the cars have been sold to Chinese customers.

The company will be wary though of the fickle nature of the Chinese consumer; always searching for something new and different.

If too many people drive Range Rovers, their popularity could wane quickly.
If popularity is based on scarcity, minimizing the scarcity doesn't increase popularity...
Its a balance I suppose. You have to maintain exclusivity. seems like the incentive would be to raise prices then.
And then get yourself accused of price gouging, brilliant?
plants online now, Evoques are rolling out!

Should be simple to spool up disco proddy, same architecture as Evoque...
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At least quality control seem to be good. and the facility looks great too.
I hope the quality control is good but I do know that Asian quality is often worse in manufacturing. Not all of it though.

Facility looks really nice and state of the art. With all that investment you'd think the quality would be top notch.
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