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Land Rover is Fastest Growing Brand in the US in 2015

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In 2015, Land Rover was the fastest growing car brand in the US. That is an especially exciting feat considering that the US auto industry saw record breaking sales last year. In a market where most brands saw considerable growth, Land Rover saw the most.

Land Rover saw its sales grow by 37% last year. Compared to the 5.7% growth that the US auto industry experienced last year, Land Rover did amazingly well. Some additional detail to emphasize how well Land Rover did last year, in December alone, the brand saw its sales increase by 50%!

JLR owners have an average income of $450,000. That's high, but the brand has also introduced its new Discovery Sport small SUV that is priced below $40,000. That has greatly expanded the pool of potential customers for Land Rover by providing them an affordable option.

Still, the top-of-the-line and larger models in the Land Rover lineup out sold the smaller models despite costing twice as much.

According the Bloomberg:

About 10 percent of Land Rovers rolling out of dealerships in the U.S. last year were Discovery Sports. The similarly sized Range Rover Evoque accounted for about 20 percent of business, while the top-of-the-line Range Rover, with a starting sticker price of $85,000, lured about 25 percent of buyers.
Land Rover's success can be attributed in part to the overall trend in the US auto industry towards SUVs and CUVs. This is evidenced by the 2nd fastest growing auto brand in the US last year, Jeep, which grew 25%.
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I thought we all made $450,000 a year....

That is interesting, I would have thought DS sales would have accounted for a larger percentage
DS is still very new being introduced in the US with less than a year even with the '15 MY.

The large percentage of growth is because JLR does not sell much compared to BMW, Merc, Audi.

It's like Porsche which sells less than 10% of BMW sales but when they make a sale, it's 10 times larger percentage wise than BMW....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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