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Land Rover Discovery sport options not available

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Ordered a fully stocked 2016 Discovery Sport. Dealer came back stating the initial release will not have the options that we want available and no idea when they will be available. Can believe that Land Rover doesn't want my 55K
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I had the same response from the dealer. Sorry......... No vision assist package available. Apparently, they ran out, so I was told.
Even worse they don't have any available date, seems likes things could have been better organized over at their production side of things.
Hopefully they get back to you with a solid update.
Whoever is handling the communications on this needs to be should be relatively simple to provide all of us an estimate on when the parts will be available.
That's too bad. I'm about ready to go into the dealership for an order, but options are more important to me than colors. I hope that they get it sorted out soon. Would love to get back in a Land Rover product again. I bought a 2010 LR4 when they were first released. Dealer support was great and the vehicle was fabulous. Only minor gremlins that were easily fixed after getting the correct parts.

Rob, glad to hear your good experience with Land Rover. I have to say that all the Land Rover repair stories out there initially put me off the Discovery Sport. It's nice to hear the other side of things.

I'm hopeful JLR will have everything worked out within a few months, once demand levels out.
So what options exactly are you talking about? Is it just a few or many?
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