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Land Rover Discovery Sport - first ride with Autocar

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Land Rover Discovery Sport - first ride review | Autocar

equipped with a nine-speed ZF transmission. Both feel suitably fast and the transmission, despite being worked hard in the rapidly changing terrain, does a fine job of selecting the right ratio.

Traction rarely proves an issue, with the four-wheel-drive system shuffling power around with apparent ease, and effortless, quick progress is made over the tight, torturous and hilly roads. The overall impression is of a very surefooted and competent SUV.

The prototypes have also proven reliable, Richards says. “We’ve driven these cars 1000 miles in a day, then driven them in a spirited fashion around here for a week, then driven them to Belgium. Then you can go to the ’Ring, then do a couple of laps flat out. That’s the robustness of them,” he adds.
“We are making sure the customer finds no fault,” states Richards. Those customers, he thinks, will be people who want a car that offers performance, practicality, and a sense of adventure – and want to know that they've a car that's going to do the job wherever they go.
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RR did the same testing with it's Evoque, and so far it seems to be good. I'm confident that the DS is just as good.
Yes lets see if this is enough to overcome Land Rovers dismal reliability reputation. If at the end of all this singing and dancing the Disco still proves just as breakable as the rest of the range they've simply produced one of the most ineffectual marketing campaigns since forever...
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