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2019 Discovery Sport HSE, 2001 Jeep XJ Cherokee
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This past weekend the odometer on my DS HSE turned over to 4000 miles. The DS was ordered in March 2019 and came on a slow boat from Halewood in June, so it's taken me essentially 8 months to get to 4000 miles. My daily commute is about 7 miles.

8 months and I still love it. It's been trouble-free. I had to go back to the dealer once, at about the 10 day mark, when my sunglasses got stuck in the sunglasses holder. Note that the sunglasses should go in the holder as if you were wearing them - the front of the lenses faces forward. Other than that, no issues.

The DS has made 3 extended trips. The first was several hundred miles of pure highway driving. The DS was a joy on the interstate, especially when compared with my other vehicle, a 2001 Jeep Cherokee (XJ). When you've driven 3 hours in a 2001 Jeep, you know you've driven 3 hours.

I've been off-road twice. Once was a hundred miles or so in two trips at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The DS, properly set up for the conditions (tires at 18 lbs, terrain system set to sand, traction control off), had no trouble with varying sand conditions. I did tear the plastic engine/gearbox splash guard. It's been replaced by a proper Rival aluminium 4mm skid plate.

The second off-road excursion was to the family farm in Kentucky. While I was there it was time to go out and do a little fence mending and replace some salt licks. The road conditions along the fence lines are spotty at best. They are primarily old logging trails from many decades ago. They had not had a lot of rain lately, which is good.

We twoook two vehicles - the DS and my grandfather's 2009 GMC fulll-size pickup. It's 2WD but several years ago one of my cousins put a locker on the rear. The DS was carrying two adults, our water and snacks, 2 50lb salt licks (my estimate from carrying them - they weren't labeled) and some tools. The pu was carrying two adults, a coil of barbed wire, and tools. Oh, and a come-along. Neither truck has a winch and it's been used a few times, especially on a muddy trail. Long story short ? The DS did fine. I would have liked to have had another couple inches of ground clearance but with some smart line-picking, we did slightly better than the pu. We did find some mud and real AT tires would have done better than the OEM Scorpion Verdes, but I'm a long way from new tires. Used mud/ruts setting and left the traction control on.. The engine/gearbox skid plate picked up a couple of scuffs. We also later towed a utility trailer, but that was only about 1500 lbs.

Gas mileage? I'm getting around 20 mpg in urban driving and 30 +- in extended highway driving. I'm satisfied with that.

Would I change anything? I'd love another 2 inches of ground clearance and I'd feel better with a full sized spare, but that's it. I really like this truck.
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