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Just discovered the discovery sport

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We've bought a new Freelander 2 TD4 SE in white with some extra's back in March 2014. Too early to get it replaced with the Discovery Sport.
Yesterday we had a VIP evening at the dealership for the launch/introduction of the Discovery Sport. Not really tempted to sell the FL2 in favour of the DS (abbreviation is very Citroën-ish) ....

I hope to see nicer versions and configs, learn more about them and maybe one day replace the FL2 by an DS (or other LR).


PS: will post pictures (smartphone) of the launch event
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What would you like to see with other versions and configurations?
welcome to the site.
Excited to see some pictures from this launch event.

What did you find lacking in the DS that you'd like to see in higher trim levels?

Glad to have you here on the forum!
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