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2019 Discovery Sport HSE, 2001 Jeep XJ Cherokee
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Good morning. I'm still learning things about my DS HSE (almost 800 miles so far). Today's question: how do you jump another vehicle from the DS?

I've been inside the engine bay and I've located the battery under a cover on the driver's side (LH drive). I took the cover part way off (warning: don't drop one of the little fasteners into the engine bay. There is so much plumbing down there it will not fall through and a new one is $3.50 USD.) and could see a whole lot of wiring on top of the battery I would not want to assault with the giant alligator clamp on the end of a jumper cable.

My husband's Audi A5 has a couple of dedicated posts for jumping. Does the DS have this and I just haven't found them yet?
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