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JLG's New Inline Engines?

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There's a new rumor on the block and it surrounds the continued revamping of JLG's powertrain weaponry. Following in the lead of BMW, the birds word is that JLG could potentially move to a common modular engine design spurred by the new Ingenium family.

Starting with the stock Inline 4's the strategy would lead to a commonality between engines, if following directly in BMW's footsteps we could be in for 3,4, and 6 cylinder inline engines. JLG is already on record confirming that the Ingenium family is fully scalable downwards and upwards.

I’m not going to tell you whether we’re going to do a V-6 or an I-6 [inline six],” chief engineer for the Ingenium engines, Paul Witworth, told Motoring. “But what I will say is an I-6 has less moving parts for a start and when it comes to fuel economy and emissions the less moving parts you’ve got the better you are.”
Granted their are packaging issues with an inline 6 powerplant, however as BMW has shown us its more than possible. An inline 6 design focus also lends itself to Jaguars normally sexy shapes, the long nose, short rear look of their entire range would ostensibly signal more than enough space for an Inline 6 setup, same can be said for Range Rovers.

While FWD based Disco Sport would not see the new Inline 6 it could benefit from a small 3 cylinder turbo diesel to appeal to the frugal minded and developing markets JLG is certainly hoping to penetrate.
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if inline 6 means better fuel economy, i'm all for it. since this is a vehicle i'll be driving in the city often mileage does matter to me.
What a weird quote by him. I won't tell you what I'm doing, but here are some great things about inline 6s. He is just being a tease.
Indeed, you would think he's showing favouritism to an I6 but he could also be subtly throwing us off the trail. Consider though that an I6 engine is limited to longitudinal applications, the Disco for instance is transverse. So that would or should play on the decision making...
I guess we'll just have to wait for a word on if this will officially make it's way into some JLR product.
True, but on the other hand an I6 does have cutting certain development costs in its favour. For example if they were to go V6 and not I6 the program would be seperate from the ingenium project which ostensibly would mean most of the already collected data is not applicable...
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