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I'm trying to work out what the best jacking option is for my DS when I'm away camping. I will often be a 40+ minute drive away from any hard surfaces if I need to change a tyre or if I need to lift a wheel to jam some logs underneath etc.,

I really don't fancy using the scissor jack on sand, even with a secure base plate, and the OEM one may not jack high enough (which i should probably check) now that the car is lifted, has bigger tyres, and longer travel - although only about 65mm taller.

Has anyone had to change a tyre on sand or soft mud? Has anyone come up with any interesting/safe solutions?

I've ruled out hi-lift jacking with a wheel adapter due to the shape of the alloys and the fact they are soft as butter (and I can't find any other adapter that would enable me to safely reach/use the jacking points). Exhaust jacking is not suitable for wheel changes really so my initial thoughts are to just get a 4T bottle jack with one of those expensive base plates but I'm worried that the throw may not be enough to lift a wheel from the 4 standard jacking points. Weight, size, and cost are all considerations roughly in that order.

Let me know if you have any ideas 🙂
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