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I downloaded the app from Land Rover.... I think the idea behind it, is great but I have two problems that I feel are extremely annoying:
1. The remote start works only about 50% of the time....I mean seriously...I may try 4-6 times and just give up.... the next day, it may start fine at first attempt and the following day again....won't start at all or only after n-th attempt.
2. About once a month I get completely logged off.... so as the app starts I have to log in with the pw... not a big problem but annoying...since I do use the app frequently and want to stay signed in.

What is your experience with it ?

PS: Android phone - no issues with stability, app never crashed
Hi there,

Just as a advice.
1. make sure you have good network coverage in your area.
2. Ur phone's Android/IOS is up to date including app.
3. Try to visit the dealers, report your issue, make sure they update the software on following:
Telematics, Infotainment, PCM & BCM.

This should clear above issues.
Best Regards.

JLR Engineering Support
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