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is there a trip timer?

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just curious, anybody know if there is a trip timer? These are pretty standard in other cars but seems to be lacking in the DS. I'd love to know how long I've been driving on a particular trip.
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No trip timer that I have found but did you get the NAV package? If you have programmed in a destination a few menus in you'll find a bunch of information - one of which is drive time on your route, another of which is a compass (pain in the tookas place for a compass...), more regarding average speed, etc., all pretty interesting stuff.
do you have the InControl app? If so, you have to enable a feature called "journeys". It records every trip, the GPS route and some basic metrics like trip duration, average speed, mpg.
InControl not available on my model so NAV system best I have found for this...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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