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Hello everyone!!

I just picked up a 2015 Discovery Sport SE. Since it is already throwing error codes (2-Wheel Drive codes already covered in the forum) I thought I should join up and keep up to speed on all the foibles of this new-to-me Rover.

On a side note, I am the President of the Rover Owners Association of Virginia. You can find us on the traditional internet or the Facebook (Forum rules will not let me post links, yet). We are the sponsors of 2 large Rover events based on the Virginia area; Rovers At Wintergreen (RAW) in the Spring and the Mid-Atlantic Rally (MAR) in the Fall.

I come from a background of Land Rover Series ownership. I had a 1973 SIII 88" and now I have a 1980 Series III 109 V8 Stage One. I still have the Stage One and am using the DS as my daily.

Wave if you see me on the road!! :D:D


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