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I needed a set of winter wheels and tires for the Disco and purchased some aftermarkets online.

I went with Pirelli Scorpion Winters - just because the OEM tires were Pirelli Scorpion - not a valid reason really!

Wheel specs are Enkei PDCs 18x8 with a 45mm offset and 72.6 bore mm bore.

The hub on the Disco Sport is 63.4mm which is different than the 72.6 mm wheel bore so centering rings are required.

The online website shipped the proper ring size as well as gloss black Enkei lugs to match the gloss black wheels.

I also had aftermarket ITM UNI-Sensor TPMS installed. From my understanding, these support 2 separate frequencies and need to be programmed before installing. Everything works, so they must of programmed them to 433 Mhz, which is what our car requires.

It's not OEM, but I think it stayed true to the original look.


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