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Hi all
Just some information regarding oil dilution.
I’ve been monitoring the oil quality in my DS 2017MY with the 2l Ingenium Diesel engine using my AP200 Autel scanner.
In live data under the power train control module it gives an oil quality figure (its down the list a bit). This is a score from zero to ten….0 being good and 10 bad! This is a percentage figure I’ve since discovered so 0% to 10% dilution. At 10% the car should flag an oil change required.
My reading is now on 8 after having changed the oil just after I purchased it. I think I’ve now done around 4000 miles since I changed the oil.
The engine has not been through a regen cycle of the DPF system since purchase (this is also shown in the scan data) and the DPF seems to be pretty clean (again from live data).
There is a lot of discussion about oil and people suggest that the oil quality is affected by a DPF regen (which it probably is), but the main reason for poor quality just seems to be due to the engine design and normal operation.
I’m planning another oil change soon and I would suggest the engine needs regular oil changes at 5000 miles to avoid any adverse effects from oil dilution or oil quality reduction.

I am currently using 5w40 full synthetic oil to see if this reduces dilution. Recommended oil is 0w30 C2. I have read somewhere that a thicker oil may help with dilution and also that hydraulic tappets work better with a slightly thicker oil.
Although the scanner says that no regen has taken place, this is probably misleading as there are two forms of regen, passive and active, so I think that it may have done passive regens, but not an active regen.
The thicker oil does not appear to have had much effect on fuel consumption, which isn't as good as Land Rover make out, think the car is averaging about 37mpg with mixed driving (I live in quite a hilly area).
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