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Couldn't find a discussion about the GAP-Diagnostics IID Tool on here. This device seemed very similar to what VCDS or OBD Eleven is for the VW and Audi community.

I purchased one for my 2020 DS since I needed an OBD code reader anyway and was really hoping I would be able to unlock features with it. There is beta software out that does look like it will allow me to unlock factory features. What I was most impressed about today, was it allowed me to program a new key. a LR dealer quoted me $1000 for a 2nd key ($550 for the fob. $450 for programming). I had a new blank fob another dealer had given me because I was missing the 2nd key. Using the IID tool, I was able to program the key fob to my car. The tool paid for itself already since I got it for $450 on Black Friday.
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