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Thanks for the welcome!

Yes Sport mode does help the low end a little. It has also definitely gotten better over time. Still has that lovely turbo lag though. I wonder if there could be a transmission software fix for this? The LRDS is heavier than the Evoque and may require different protocols - experience could be helpful here but I am hoping that the new engine will be the fix. My Jeeps were all 6-cylinder and had great low end response but scary over 80 mph and not much acceleration once you got into the high end so the turbo is really appreciated there. The high end performance and smoother suspension have been greatly appreciated this year making my long drives a dream.

I do a lot of stop and go type driving in town where the Eco stop/start is a pain. I never seem to remember to turn it off until the first such incident. Oh well, maybe someday I'll get it.

The two-wheel drive thing has had a lot of discussion on some of the other LR forums. It has apparently been quite a problem in some of the Evoques. Not sure exactly how that applies to the LRDS but you can count on me having that discussion all the way to top management at my next service. I may also inquire about the gas tank calibration fix - that is not so important now that I have gotten used to it so I'd rather not screw anything up trying to fix that one.

The start/stop does take some getting used to. Eventually I got in the habit with my GLK to switch it off/on if I come up to a short stoplight or am in stop and go traffic etc. Overall, I do like the feature though. Also, I think the placement of the button is really nice, makes it easy to switch off if you need to (compare to BMW where the switch is right next to the ignition).
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