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Hello everyone

I'm hopeful someone can very kindly explain or point me in the direction of how to replace the Left Rear Brake Tail Light Lamp Bumper on my 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport Diesel 2.0 TD4 180 SE Tech 5dr

Sorry if I've not explained it well, this bit;

Automotive lighting Hood Automotive exterior Automotive design Font

Automotive lighting Bumper Automotive exterior Tints and shades Plastic

It got smashed on my discovery sport.

I managed to replace the main rear light unit, and as that's given me a bit of confidence, I'm now hopeful to replace the little tail light unit that's below it;

Automotive parking light Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Car Grille

Though I've no clue how to take it out - I'm hopeful a kind soul will come along and give information/guidance.

Many thanks
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