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How to Deploy Towing Electrical Connections

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It's been nearly 2 years since I last towed anything but next weekend I need to haul a utility trailer and I've realized I've forgotten how to open the electrical connections. I've attached a picture.

I'm thinking that once you trip that paddle-like lever in the center the connections swing down left to right around that bright screw, but at the moment nothing is moving and I don't want to apply force if that isn't it. So, can someone tell
me how to access the towing electricals. BTW, it's the factory installation. Your assistance will be appreciated.

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Pull down on the left side. In your photo, you can see there’s a bolt where it pivots on the right side. Just flips down when you pull on the left side. It will need a bit of force, in my case, mostly because the plastic “covers” on the actual connections tend to catch on the body work, so you might need to look under there and make sure it’s. not catching.

It takes more force than you would expect, though.

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