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I must say this is getting a bit ridicules.... Bought the vehicle new in Oct. 2018.
So far made 27,000 miles and just had the engine check light come up for the 4th time !!!
so far, it was a different problem each time.... not sure what it is this time..... just called the dealer and they will check it out of course... But still...what a hassle... this is royal PITA

How can the vehicle malfunction so frequently ??

I had 2016 Audi A6....put almost 90,000 miles.... only once I had a check light
Talked to a friend who has Q7 - made almost 50,000 with not one issue.
Few other friends with other European brands.... nothing as frustrating.... One friend with a Benz seems to complain a bit...same type of nonsense... computer and sensors

How are you guys doing ? Same experience ?
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