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Hello from Spain

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Hi Guys.
I've joined this forum for more information about the DS and particularly some of the problems there have been with both MY15 and MY16 models.
I have a Fuji white/Santorini black 180hp Ingenium model on order and expect to collect it next week.
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What problems are you nervous about?

Glad to have you here on the forum :D
Most "problems" are small problems so far. I think they found some issue with the wiring loom being too close to a heat source and they are correcting that so a lot of 2016 models are being slow to deliver.

Despite a couple of minor niggles we love ours. Good luck!
I am very interested in hearing about your Ingen engine. I was debating on waiting for the new engine, but decided I wanted the DS right now, lol.

Keep us updated.
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