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Hi everyone, I just bought a base Discovery Sport, and we really like it.

I am looking for stuff to enhance it but also very interested in what other thought of the article in consumers reports. I found it to be shockingly misleading, looking more like a lobbying piece then what i would have expected from them.

I want to see if others had the reaction I have. I am really happy Tata motors and Land Rover got one into my price category. Although I would understand if someone doesn't like the car but don't appreciate the deceptive slander of the CR article.

Ken from Bethesda

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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your DS!

Sorry if this is rant, but I have to say:
Yeah, both Motor Trends and Consumer Reports like to bash drivers cars. I don't take their review anymore than a pile of cow poop.:eek:

They seem to be run by a bunch of uninformed drivers, uneducated group of softies, dumb & numb steering reviewers and uneducated folks who don't know much about driving. They focus on issues that are not applicable & non-existent.
They say the engine and transmission are not able to pickup a gear and the turbo takes awhile to kick in. Yeah - both true if you don't know which gear the car starts off at (D mode = 2nd gear, S mode = 1st gear) and if you have no idea how exhaust based turbos work - you don't mash the accelerator hoping for a takeoff - you have rev and keep the RPM up in order to get a turbo response.
BTW: most cars have turbos now and are cheaper than putting in superchargers. Look at Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Ford Ecoboost, VW TDI, etc...
They obviously are idiots when they talk about lack of instant power - comparing the turbo DS to supercharged Range Rovers which are totally different engines altogether....
They say the DS lacks low range - something of the old days when jeeps and old land rovers used them - but what they don't know is currently the advanced traction and driveline systems controlled by computers don't need low range - the system automatically adjusts throttle, engine RPM, and braking to keep the car in control under all conditions.

The dummies at MT and CR need to drive 1980 cars and give reviews that fit cars made then or keep their dumb mouths shut....>:D
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