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GSP not showing cities/localities ....

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The GPS map do not show any cities/localities... so you can not know where you are, where you go... which path you're following....

Anyone has this issue ? :(

Kind regards
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Have you tried contacting your local importer/dealer? What did they say? Keep us updated.
of course... no answer so far they have to contact LR UK ...

more details it is the GPS using a SD card not the hardisk
I have the same problems with my GPS. Is your problem solved yet?
Ours works.

Thats strange though...surely they will have a fix for it. Maybe a new card?

I've the same problem on my Disco delivered in July. I search in the settings, but there is no way to display the city name instead of the street name ...

If someone found the tip ...

Best regards
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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