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A few years ago I had taken a trip to the Okanagan region of British Columbia taking a clockwise trip from Surrey B.C. to Penticton B.C and return by a different route. For those old enough to remember the first Rambo movie was filmed in a town called "Hope",, and it is a real town actually called Hope and it is the start of the mountain part of the trip.

So any way the trip was a total of 815 KM and the actual fuel economy on the trip was 10.85 L/ 100Km ( not sure what the car reported )

Google Maps is the basic map on google maps

So this year did basically the same trip going to most of the same towns but driving the more hilly and winding road both ways . Stayed in Kelowna B.C. and the traffic was terrible and stop and go so really ate up the fuel.

So any way this trip was a total of 1047.1 KM and the actual fuel economy on the trip was 8.90 L / 100KM

Newton to Newton This years trip

So by following the EPA suggestions of lower speed, reduced passing etc I had much better fuel economy app 20% better fuel economy

I kept to the speed limit ( going down hill I did exceed the limit by up to 50 KPH ) , used only dedicated passing lanes in the mountains, used premium non ethanol fuel, A/C set to 23 c, car was in D mode and I started in economy mode. Had to turn off the economy mode in the mountains as the speed reduced going up steep hills.

Cars that passed me at high speeds where directly in front of me at the next construction site LOL.

At the end of the trip the readout on the car dash was Distance 1047.1 Km , Average speed 64 KPH ( hard to believe on a mostly highway journey ) and 7.5 L/ 100KM. So the car was very optimistic about my fuel economy as I actually used about 19% more fuel.

Would I drive more sensibly next trip?

! Drive was much more relaxing, did not feel tired after the drive, trip was not any longer and not the major concern but save a few dollars on fuel.

Placed my garmin GPS on the dash and with cruise set for 100KPH the Garmin displayed 99KPH , so the speedometer is very accurate. Had no measured Kilometer markings on the highway but using normal signs along the road the odometer showed in my favour. So I may have driven farther
Sounds like a good way to stretch out fuel. There are of course a lot of variables with regard to fuel consumption, including fuel type, engine oil used, state of repair of the engine and vehicle, road surface type and condition, speed, weather conditions etc. etc., but of course sensible driving style helps enormously. Sounds like an enjoyable trip.
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