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Getting ready to get towed

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Thankfully all is fine, but as @Phil posted at - is there a way to turn the transmission knob without having the car on?

Is there some secret override for it? Recommendation to load onto a flat-bed? Not use a flat-bed?

Would like to learn now before an emergency comes... and inform my wife.
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This was all I could find.

Land Rover Owner Information

The recovery agent must activate the Service park release before recovery commences. This procedure is covered in a separate publication for service personnel. Failure to activate the Service park release can result in serious transmission damage.

I'd call your dealer service department ASAP and ask them.
Also did you call Land Rover roadside assistance? They might be able to tell you how to activate the park over ride. If not they shoud b enable to send you a qualified towing company that knows how to do it.

I am pretty sure that Range Rover has the over ride lever hidden under the cup holders. I have not checked the DS for something like that. Not something you think about till u need it.
Also just found this nugget on an Evoque forum. Would probably work on the DS as well:

Ignition on : then press brake pedal and hold, and at the same time press and hold the + paddle for manual gear shift - for more than 10 seconds. Then the selector raises.
Try that at your own risk, unless confirmed with dealership first.

Granted that would only work if you had power to the vehicle so if it's a dead battery. Barring a manual mechanical override lever, idk what to do.
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