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Hi all.

My Disco (allegedly) arrives this Fri. Beyond stoked.:D

Since I got the premium sound system, I want to be ready to bump it ASAP, so I thought I'd reach out to some some of the music/tech gurus for advice.

1) I ordered this:

FAT32 preformatted, plenty of space. Is there anything special I need to do to make sure songs I save to this play smoothly in the Disco? My plan was just to drag files directly from iTunes into folders organized by artists for easy of use. Anything else I need to be aware of here?

2) I have about 100 CDs to rip to digital (since there is no CD player option). Instead of doing it myself, I think I'll employ a service. So, any recos on a good CD digitizing company? Also, is there a certain format I need to make sure they are ripped to? Want to be able to add them to my iTunes account, as well as put on the above mentioned flash drive to play in the Disco.

Thanks in advance.
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