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Sorry guys, Ive been neglecting this site a bit lately.

I just wanted to take a moment to report back on a road trip we took the weekend before last for a camping trip. The reason I wanted to report back is because we got to take note of many of the Disco's features over just two days.
The first thing I noticed was how surprised I was that we were were able to fit ALL our campiing gear in the cargo area, without having to put the seats down. In past activities In our decision making proccess, my wife was really set on an Evoque but I was sure that the Evoque was not going to be roomy enough. Well this was a perfect example of why I thought that. Theres no way the Evoque could have stowed all our gear in the cargo area without folding down the rear seats. But the Disco did.

The trip was about 250 miles each way. About 2/3 was on the straight route of the super slab with about 1/3 in the mountains (hills) of SE Oklahoma with very twisty back country roads.

The trip was smooth and the infotainment and Nav all worked great.
We stopped right before we got into the hills to fill up and to eat. I observed the historical data in the ECO screen. Our Turboed 2.0L gasser got 31.3 MPG on that part of the trip (See picture). I was very pleased with that. It dropped to just over 30 after we got into the hills and twisties, in which I manually shifted most of the time.

The return trip was a bit more manic due to speeding up quite a bit and rushing to get back home due to a little family emergency, plus we had a headwind for about 1/3 of the trip. MPGs for the return trip was around 29 MPG. I did not get to snap a pic of that. Was still VERY good IMHO.

So once we got into the twisties, I turned off ECO, put it in Sport mode and used the paddle shifters. Revs were kept high, used lots of engine breaking, powered out of corners and generally .....had a very good time. The Disco handles very well and it didnt take long to get confident in its road holding manners. I was able to drive like that for the last hour of the trip out.

We got to our campsite and spent the day sightseeing and piddling around. This was just a nice relaxing getaway so not much "excitement" was on tap. However, we were able to get into a little light off roading. This part of our state has some top class off road areas, many of which are advanced level to extreme level. We were going to stop at one the the offroad parks on Sunday to sample some of the easier trails and try to find some rockcrawlers to watch but we had to skip it due to the family emergency. BUT I did get to take it on a few mountainside roads and it was very solid. I was excited to do more, but it wasnt in the cards.

Overall, the comfort, convenience, capabiltiy and efficiency are all top notch and on display in our Discovery Sport HSE Lux. Well done LR!


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