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A Land Rover Discovery 5 prototype has recently been spotted testing in the snow and autoevolution has published a few spy shots of the prototype in action. It’s still heavily camouflaged but you can make out a few details from the carefully covered body.

Expected to go on sale this year, the new Discovery will be the aging LR4’s replacement and its design cues will be more in line with Land Rover’s new “Discovery” range. Just the bumper design alone is a far cry from what the LR4 is sporting. It has a rounded bumper similar to that of the Discovery Sport with less corners and more of a vertical slope. Even the front headlights's right angles have been replaced, no longer are they square but replaced by a more horizontal set that seems to stretch from the side fender to the center grille. What we can’t make out are the fog lights and even this close up picture only shows an area where they could possibly be located, not what they actually look like.

Unfortunately, the spy photographers were unable to get close enough for a look at the interior but it is speculated to look like a mixture of the Discovery Sport and the more expensive Range Rover. Also under speculation is the possibility of Land Rover equipping it with the laser headlight system which was revealed on the Discovery vision concept model last year. This system is used to automatically scan the road’s condition and adjust the suspension and gearbox accordingly.

So far, Land Rover has been silent in regards to the new Discovery’s official launch but you could be seeing it in October at the Paris Motor Show.
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