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you should find a better dealer then. Since my 2004 Discovery II, 2010 LR4, 2011 RRScharged, and now a 2017 Disco Sport our dealer has been great in our area. But the dealer down south where the RRS is terrible to the point we drive the RRS 250miles to bring it to other dealer.

Unfortunately the only hills i have here are up the boat ramp and no rattles yet...
Yes this is correct.

I have dealt with 2 JLR dealers and have to say they are a night and day difference.
After some questions I posed the snooty dealer service dept seriously believes they have all the answers and the customer doesn't know crap.
Did you know I did not buy the car there even though the pricing was lower ?

I went with the second dealer who I interviewed and found they actually care about the customer. I bought the car from this dealer. With every visit which is a lot since they offer free car washes just for driving by - every time I had a concern, they addressed it immediately. For my complaints (fuel gauge misread and the glitchy navigation) I had to drive the service advisor to the gas station, fill up and show that 5 gallons were missing compared to the fuel gauge. Then on another car wash day, the navigation issue showed itself as soon as I started the car with the service manager - the service manager then immediately said - that is not normal to hang up and continue rebooting. Got them all fixed because I showed them the issue. ;)

You have to show the dealer what the actual issue is - have them listen to the noise while you are driving uphill in low gear with the service advisor in the car.
Once they hear the issue you can be sure they will find it.
Just describing the issue will not get you anywhere.
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