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"Exhaust" smell inside of the vehicle...

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Does anyone notice an exhaust type smell inside of their vehicle upon startup? It lasts for several minutes and finally seems to dissipate...either that or I get used to the smell.
The smell is as though it's running rich. I can not confirm that's it's actually exhaust. I don't hear a leak and my clothes do not seem to retain the smell of rich running exhaust after I exit the clothes tend to do when permeated with rich running exhaust.

I've noticed a very similar smell in the past but it's only been when I was running the heated/cooled seats, like there was a particular smell being blow out through the venting of the seats. I had always dismissed it.
It's now happening without the heated/cooled seats being activated. I don't have the best nose in the world, but not the worst either. My wife says she doesn't smell it but, I take that assessment with a grain of salt LOL!

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I do not have that odor of exhaust in my disco
Is the DS garaged or parked in an open area ?
It's garaged nightly.
We've been having a fuel and/or exhaust smell inside the cabin of our 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport. It happens intermittently but more frequently when the car is sitting still with the engine on.
It happens intermittently but more frequently when the car is sitting still with the engine on.
I have the same Issue!!

Besides this I have rattles in RHS LHS seat belt retractors and rear seats. Am very frustrated and pissed!! 3 attempts now to get fixed!!
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I do not get an exhaust fume smell, however, I do smell something else (almost like eggs?) ONLY when the re-circulation is turned on. Perhaps this will go away after the car is broken into as it is still new?
Just a follow up on this. This seems to have gone away. I'm really curious to know what it was though...
LR had HSE TD4 (lucky I didn't buy LUX)!! for 2 weeks to get welding done etc.. 5 time back in! They also changed service Mgr on me!!

Obviously they could not replicate the issue!! So NO ISSUE!!! apparently...

It's still there!!

I've resolved to tell everyone I know not to buy!!! Oh btw a new RHS b pillar loose spring like rattle is in the cabin after getting it back. Follow the rattle issue under the rattle thread..

Am getting rid of this car. NEVER AGAIN!!
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I also have the same problems on my discovery sport 2016. The rattling sound I have had since I bought it but have not done anything about it. It kind of sounds like it was in the front. In terms of the fume smell it really bothers me. I seems to happen when I have the recirculation button on and when it is off it tends to dissipate. So I have opted not to use the recirculation button because the fume smell kind of give me a headache. I will address it with the dealer when I take it for maintenance.
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I do not get an exhaust fume smell, however, I do smell something else (almost like eggs?) ONLY when the re-circulation is turned on. Perhaps this will go away after the car is broken into as it is still new?
Are you sure it wasn't anything you ate? :D
Absolutely. I take a Beano tablet after every meal.
I've had the same fuel odor inside my Discovery Sport. Land Rover worked with my dealer to replace the 2015 model with a 2016 and it's still happening. It happens when the vehicle is first started and while standing still. In my opinion, this is a dangerous health and safety issue that Land Rover needs to fix.
Knock on wood... I do not have the same experience in mine.

I have a 7 seater... maybe some things are moved around near the gas line to make it different for me.
We dont have the smell anymore. Not sure what the deal was?
Me, too.

I've had the 2017 Disco Sport HSE Luxury with Climate Control, Auto Stop, Eco Program,etc., for about a week, and I'm also experiencing exhaust fumes inside the vehicle. My dealer says he has never heard of this before. Of course. It seems to be worse on backing up, and on stopping, which perhaps allows fumes from the exhaust to get sucked into the Climate air system (?). It also still happens after turning off the Auto Stop function. I did not have the recirculate option on. I gather, after searching the net, that this seems to be a problem with Disco Sports of the last three years. Evidently, Land Rover still hasn't found the solution. My dealer says to bring back the car if the problem is still there after driving it a few more weeks. Has anyone found the solution to this yet? I don't see why I should have to drive my new car with the window always cranked open to prevent asphyxiation!
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Seems like so many people are having issues with this on the Discovery Sport and not only one model but a number of models. It'd be interesting to see if there are any other cars that have the same issue as well. Perhaps there might be answers to what's happening from a engineering perspective rather than specifically to the model?
Well, second time I'm writing this. Lost the first very lengthy post because I neglected to log in. Oh well.

Basically, I think that this is a design/engineering flaw. I am starting to think that it actually has to do with the way the wind is blowing -- if the exhaust from the tail pipes gets blown under the car, it then travels up and gets sucked into the cabin air intake. If the wind is cooperating, there is no problem. This problem never happens when the climate control air system is off, so cabin air has to be actively sucked in, the air system must be turned on, to smell the exhaust fumes. Possible solutions: put an air cleaning pre-filter onto the cabin air intake. Or, direct the exhaust tail pipes upwards so exhaust can't go underneath so easily? Or, put an accessory fan into the exhaust system to increase the speed of the exhaust coming out of the pipes, to prevent it from drifting backwards so easily. Anyway, we'll be taking the car into service, but, I really don't expect a solution to this anytime soon.
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i have the diesel fumes in my TD4 calling the garage its been two weeks and getting no better
The exhaust smell inside our vehicle has gone. I still dont know what it was or why it magically went away. Good luck!
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