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If you are getting EVAP check engine light codes P2407, P2405, P0496 etc. you probably have a bad purge valve. My 2016 DS was getting roughly 1 or 2 check engine lights a month with same the same codes for years.

P2405: Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection Pump Sense Circuit Low

P2407: Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection Pump Sense Circuit Intermittent/Erratic

P0496: Evaporative Emission System High Purge Flow

You need to buy a replacement Bosh Purge Valve. Got mine for $75 on Amazon.
2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE

The EVAP assembly is located in the rear driver side wheel-well.
  1. Lift car and remove rear wheel opposite to fuel cap.
  2. Remove the wheel-well cover.
    • Need Philips head screwdriver
    • #8/#10 socket wrench and extensions
    • WD-40 rust remover
  3. Disconnect electrical wire.
  4. Disconnect hoses.
  5. The whole EVAP assembly needs to come down.
    • remove the 2 screws holding assembly
    • Disconnect hoses
    • Remove cable connector
  6. The canister needs to be removed from assembly bracket.
    • Remove the 2 screws
    • Wiggle the canister up from the assembly to separate
    • Disconnect hose
  7. Remove the purge valve next.
    • Need T20 star screwdriver
    • remove the 3 screws
    • Wiggle purge valve to separate filter
    • Disconnect power cable
  8. Install new purge valve.
    • Wiggle filter and purge valve together
    • Connect power cable
    • put screws back
  9. Reinstall the canister.
  10. Reinstall assembly.
    • connect hoses
    • connect power cable
  11. Reinstall wheel-well cover and wheel.
    • You should be done at this moment
  12. Test run the car.
    • No check engine light was tripped
    • Have an OBDII scanner just in case
Overall the whole process took 2-1/2 hours on my first try. I can probably get it under 2 hours if I had to do it again.
Knock on wood, hopefully no more check engine light.
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