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Just a note to all DS Ingenium diesel owners regarding Adblue. I recently had a warning pop up saying that "Diesel Exhaust Fuel is low". Searching through the manual (Jeez its a stinker!), I found that I had to top-up the Adblue. The warning came on about at 12,000km and again, hunting through the Vehicle Information menu, found that it was warning I had 1500km to go before it stopped the car!

I took it to our local LR dealer in Sydney who topped it up with seven containers (for free! so they said for the first one). The warning message stayed on for a few days, so I took it back. On return, the message was gone. The service manager said he overfilled it which apparently makes the sensor in the Adblue container not register that its been refilled. He said it was the second one in a week that he had done like that. Apparently, you don't need the full quota of containers, and he recommended that if I did it myself, maybe four or five would do.

He also said that he had refilled one after the warning light came on after about 6,000km (of city driving). We had just done a 5,000km high speed blast around South Australia and return, plus quite a bit of freeway driving down the NSW South Coast, so we got better usage of Adblue.

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