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So my DS is at the dealer for some body work the second time.

The first time was in for the service porter crashing the rear spoiler into a low hanging pillar.
I had a Range Rover Evoque loaner for a month on their dime.

6 months go by and now that body part they painted is starting to peel off - noticed no undercoating/primer coat which explains how fast the paint can peel.

The dealer felt bad so he put me in a brand new Jaguar F Pace loaner.:laugh:
It's a 35t model so it's a pocket rocket for sure - the supercharger roars at low RPMs and snaps your neck back!:eek:

Gotta love the fact this this F Pace is actually a mixture of Land Rover's Discovery Sport, Porsche Macan and Range Rover's Evoque.
Same instrument gauges, center display / navigation screen, transmission rotary selector, etc...

  • The handling and suspension is quite different - it drives like a Porsche Macan S Turbo with a similar growl when taking off the line.
  • Stiff and taut suspension makes it a road feel car bit uncomfortable even with 18" tires. Hate to see how that feels with 20" tires.
  • Brakes are very responsive - guess you need good big brakes to stop this speeding ticket of a car.
  • RWD when cruising for a non steering torque drive and AWD when accelerating for a very solid sure footed acceleration.
  • Low friction start is great for slippery starts and launch mode.
  • Exhaust growl is loud - turns a lot of heads - sounds like a Porsche exhaust with a V8 engine.

  • Much lower roof line (hit my head each time I get in).
  • I hate the seat does not lower when I park her - end up jumping out the car. The DS drops the seat allowing me to slide out and step out.
  • Rear view area is tiny like the Evoque and has lots of blind spots due to the pillars at different locations.
  • Parking brake engages all the time annoying to unlock pressing another button after shifting to drive.
  • Start/Stop is too intrusive - engine cuts out as soon as a I stop the car in traffic - more annoying than the DS.
  • No third row seating option.
  • No front fog lamps - only rear fogs !

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