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I love the LRDS. Aside from the software issues (of which there an quite a few), the vehicle is great.
The big problem is that ALL of the vehicles out there are rolling computers, I believe that they said the LRDS has at least 12 updateable modules.
It's hard to conceive that over half of the car is software / firmware, ouch. Thousands of lines of code...
Good size, handling and fuel economy. I have mine in now having a valve replaced in the transmission that cases sluggishness / hesitation.
We purchased the extended warranty, but I think I agree with DiscoDisco that I would sell it when the warranty is up. Very expensive to maintain.

I agree that CR is not the go-to resource for me. I've seen some odd discrepancies between them and nearly everyone else.
I see a CR review and pass it up.
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