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Years ago on the advise of CR I bought an Audi 100, of course Motor Trend also gave a thumbs up as well. Great car to drive and it actually got better fuel economy than it advertised but they measured the car at 75 MPH.

A few problems did mar the car's CR recommendation.:crying:

Engine fell out of the car after one year. Lucky I was driving slowly in the city. Motor mounts broke and the transmission mounts and the front driveshafts prevented dropping to the road.
The idle valve (carburetor in those days) plugged up from "additives in the fuel" and had to be removed and cleaned monthly or sometimes weekly.
Oil sender leaked/failed about every 6 months in service, carried a spare and a matching wrench, finally replaced it with a sender from a different manufacture.
The valve seals would harden and oil consumption ( despite lots of STP LOL) and smoke made impossible to drive. Had to change every year first time under warranty. The valve guides themselves only had to be changed twice.
Because of the oil dripping into the combustion chamber the spark plugs plugged up badly and I had to keep a spare set soaking in cleaner for my weekly spark plug change.

Years late I was looking for some high performance tires and listened to CR again, great in rain, acceleration etc. etc. If I floored my SAAB 9000 at 40 KPH (25 mph ?) they would spin,:eek: I learned about feathering the gas pedal.

never looked for CR>:D advise on anything after that and did cancel my subscription.

Looked at every car in it's class ( some below and some above) including those mentioned by jabba and never had that moment when you say ah ah this is the one, until sat in the Disco.
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