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Has any else noticed this:
1. Do internet research on the Discovery Sport.
2. Notice a link about “Cars Not to Buy” by Consumer Reports, Auto Blog, Etc. Read the reports, take it into consideration.
3. Suddenly get spammed by ad for Jeep Grand Cherokees or Ford Explorers.
It happened to me a couple times while researching cars.

I find Consumer Reports caters to a very price sensitive family. Minivans, Honda’s, and Toyota’s target this market. Very few reviews targeted the utility, function, and price range that fits the Discovery Sport. The few sources that honor it for doing so much in one package, discount it because it isn’t as capable (but much less $$$) than the Range Rover. And, they ding it because it isn’t as fast and doesn’t handle as well as an M3.

We wanted an off road capable vehicle for a growing family that gos on long road trips. We test drove lots of comparable vehicles. Toyota Highlander and Fore Runner’s were the closest runner up. But both had seats where my head hits the headliner. Grand Cherokee’s are very good, but the road noise was too high for us. The X3 handles great, but has less room for car seats than a 328i. Subaru’s are good off road, and on the highway, but seemed ponderous around corners as a passenger. Nissan Rogues drag guards with only minimal snow on the road. Mazda CX-5’s are exceptional cars, very nice interiors, but the AWD won’t traverse up a smooth grass slope. I thought the new Honda Pilot would be a contender too, but we found it hard to pick out alongside minivans. A GMC Acadia made use sea sick, and had our children crying in a conclusive test drive.

So, we ended up at a Land Rover dealer because I had seen some Evoques in town, and found that the Evoque, LR2, and soon to be offered Discover Sport all fit within the same price range. We didn’t find downsides listed above, and our first test had the Meridian stereo that blew all the competition away.

If price is your first and last consideration, Consumer Reports will guide you in the right direction. But, we found the LRDS offered more than the other we tested.
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