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I really feel that CR is a bit of a joke....they are not about reviewing the best....they always seem to recommend average, middle of a run.... I am into AV system, Home Theater, automation setups etc... and I saw their reviews of DVD Players, Receivers, speakers, amps, Home automation systems etc...etc....
Same thing for cars or several other categories which I consider myself at least well informed and having some experience....
I have appreciation for quality and reliability but also like technology and performance.
Yes - LR overall has a less than stellar reputation - however buying a new or CPO vehicle shouldn't be an issue... Knock on the wood but if anything goes wrong I take it back to the dealer for free repairs and get a loaner car.

My issues thus far are nothing that would indicate any quality or design failures.
For example - I would prefer higher quality leather and all around (I have HSE with leather seats but was surprised to see a bit of non-leather material on the sides and going under the seats)
the rubber mats should be bigger...etc...etc....
Just minor things really
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