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Display Screen Issue/ Random Resting.

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My car's navigation display/system keep resetting every few week. Not sure what the cause, but it seem to happen when I back up then put in drive fast.

Took it to the dealer and they did a scan. They found a code error which needed an update. The code is : B14AD-31 for "Front Display Screen Had No Signal."

They ran a software update for the navigation, got my car back, so far no issue, will update if it happen again.
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Hopefully it doesn't return. Those resets usually do the trick with just about any software related issue as is the case with PC's.
Aside from that, have you been having any other issues lately?
I had same issue. Software was updated and the Nav. Card Reader was replaced (I think). I have had the issue happen a couple times since the update from a few months ago. There seems to be an issue with the card reader and/or the USB port - sometimes it will not recognize the iPod attached. I notice the iPod music starts getting weird then the Nav may get weird, then the system reboots. This was the pattern the last couple of times it happened since the software update.

Annoying. I get random reboots occasionally - like something doesn't load correctly and the system re-boots itself. It has also happened well into a drive but that hasn't happened again after a system update at 20k miles. Often though something doesn't load correctly (Bluetooth, Navigation mostly) and I have to force a reboot. The only way I have figured out to do that with the car running is to eject the SD card. Any other suggestions?
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