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The car is awesome, I've got it Dec 3rd (it's a LHD MY20.5 S with a few extras), I have done about 1500km and still there is gas in the tank (I filled it just once on the delivery day...but my commute is like 40-50km home-work-home and I do have a portable charger for the work charge if needed), my previous car was an Audi Q3 2.0 TDI 184hp Quattro great car but this one ticks all the boxes - spacious, well built, fast enough if needed, smart size, torque from 0 RPM on EV drive when in city, super quite (even with engine on) and very comfortable ride. Have not done any off road yet but looks 100% capable like a true Land Rover - when you selected an off road program engine works together with EV motor to achieve 4x4 capability.
It charges very fast (1.5h+ aprox on a 7Kw home charger and in about 3+ hours on the portable 3.2Kw) and it's got a full tank spec (vs other PHEVs that have smaller tanks) so less stops if you decide to take a long trip. The actual EV range I'm getting is about 40Km on average with normal driving in the city and suburbs; on full charge I have seen estimated ranges from 44-52Km.Outside temp does not seem to make a big diferrence, driving style affects the EV range more.
Canot find anything to complain so far :) you will love it for sure.
I got my Disco Sport phev last week. Very nice car. But I wonder about the autonomy and the effect of the very cold days we faced. I got my car from the dealer with 52 km of autonomy. Since then, it decreased every day. The announced autonomy after full recharge was 40 km this morning and we were able to drive 28-30km on EV. The temperature tonight was around 3°C whereas it was until -8°C last week. Is that something you faced also after more usage ?
Thank you.
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