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The Discovery Sport is too expensive for the US market that is it does not sell much cars. This car is not a symbol of class or luxury like Land Rovers or Range Rovers but cost so much that you can easily get for that price either BMW or Mercedes Benz on smaller SUV models and even on the entry trims they will have better features then fully loaded Discovery Sport that you would have to put so many options that you would end up in high 50K that would easily put you into larger Bmers or Mercedes SUV.

This does not make any sense whatsoever. The Discovery Sport does not carry the prestige of the Land Rovers, it is not associated with reliability of other European Brands nor is the ultimate driving machine either. It is just a tinny step up from the Volkswagen Tiguan but the price is prohibitive on US market because people can spend this money on so many comparable cars.

Another problem is that the Discovery Sport offers so little as standard and once you start adding all the options that come as standard on other brands you really start scratching your head.

When I added all the options I wanted to match what the Mercedes Benz was coming on in basic entry trim level, I ended up with Discovery having to cost way more then MB or even BMW. This does not make ANY SENSE whatsoever.

If Land Rover wants to sell more cars, the should visit any Volkswagen dealership and take a look at their cars. Volkswagen did two things few years ago and now sells so many cars that others can not catch up. They lowered their prices, they improved the interior to look fantastic and modern, they put so many standard features that you really don't need to add anything much to have beautifully appointed car. And they rock. Now you have a less expensive car with
more features , you are above the competition because you sell so many of them that it all is very quickly making sense.

Average person when they have 50K they do not look into Discovery Sport, they will take it to Beamer or Mercedes.
Land Rover really needs to rethink their pricing. Discovery Sport is NOT a Land Rover or Range Rover and pretending it is does not help the company because if it were they would not take off of it the letters Land Rover and put DISCOVERY
front and back. People want to have Land Rover badge but when they buy discovery it is ta tinny thingy that you have to look for it, it is also something that would beef sales, if they would replace the word DISCOVRY With LAND ROVER
and put discovery sport somwehre small on the back. Just like they do with EVOKE and VELAR.
It is a bit turn off.
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