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The Discovery Sport has been a great addition to the JLR lineup making an impact when it comes to total sales numbers. Built in the Knowsley car plant, the Discovery Sport has sold 30% more units than the Freelander which it replaced. In fact, the Discovery Sport is also being produced in the same factory that the Freelander once was.

For the month of September JLR sold 47,634 vehicles. Compared to September of 2014, which was a record breaking month, that's an increase in sales of 3%.

Looking at the entire year so far, JLR has sold 349,412 vehicles, which is about equal to what the automaker sold last year.

Commenting on the performance, JLR group sales operations director Andy Goss said: ​“The all-new Jaguar XE and the all-new Discovery Sport continued to impress this month, retailing more than 13,000 vehicles in total.

“Sales in the UK, Europe and North America have shown impressive growth year-to-date and despite a challenging macro-economic environment, particularly in China, customer demand for both our Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles remains encouraging.”
China was particularly interesting this month. There has been a steep economic slow down there causing the car sales bonanza to be curbed. Year to date sales in China are down 29% when compared to last year for JLR.

In addition to the economic downturn there was that huge explosion that destroyed a yet to be determined quantity of JLR's stock. The financial loss from this event will cause a one time drop in earnings, but it should later be made up when insurance payments are paid out to JLR.

With the F-Pace coming out very soon and the XE selling well too, JLR is creating a model lineup that looks to be resonating well with its audience. Be sure to watch for the launch of the 2016 Model Year Range Rover Evoque as well.
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