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Dashcam install

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Installed a front dashcam on my 2020 DS today. I didn't find any tutorials online for the facelift DS so I took a few pics of the tricky parts for the install. It took about 2.5 hours for the front as a guy who’s never worked on a LR before. I also have a rear cam that I didn't have time to do. I'll update this post when I have time to do the rear.

Step 1: Drink a beer
Step 2. Use a multimeter to find an always on fuse and an ignition fuse. I used the diagnostic socket (port 13) for always on and the auxiliary power socket (port 38) for the ignition. An issue I found with the aux power socket is the socket powers on when I open the door and stays on for (5?) minutes and powers off if I don't do anything. Additionally The aux power socket stays on for (5?) minutes after I turn off the car. I need to find a better fuse tap location that turns off with the ignition because I'm used to that on/off behavior. If I lock the car, the aux power turns off.
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Step 3. I ran the wires out the side of the glove box and up the weather stripping. The weather stripping pulls off easily giving you access to the space behind it.

Side of glovebox. I used the glovebox bolt for my ground
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weather stripping pulled away
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here I highlight my dashcam power line, taped down with electrical tape
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Step 4: You will need to remove the A pillar trim to pass the wire under the airbag. If you pass the wire over the airbag, there is potential for the airbag to not deploy correctly. To remove the trim, you can remove the plastic "Airbag" cover. Its not intuitive, but there is a metal V-shaped tab that holds the A-pillar trim to the A pillar, You can use a screwdriver and push the tab closed to pop it out of the pillar. I marked the direction to push the tab in the picture.
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The picture angle is all weird but that is the same tab from the back view. The blue circle is where it clips into the pillar
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The path I ran the power cable. It tucks into the headliner between the windshield pretty easily
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Step 8: attach your dashcam.
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Step 9: drink a beer.

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I have the heated stearing wheel, and if I use the fuse for the dash cam while the heating is on, will it hold ?
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