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I am new to Land of Rover :D and would like to know
what kind of problems might be in store for me.
Not to get discouraged from purchasing the Discovery Sport but
just to be prepared, because I love so much about the car that
I am pretty much set on it. However I want to be prepared.
I am trying to read and compile all possible things that
can go wrong and when they can start going wrong but
it is so hard to get a full picture.

Could you, the honorable owners of the DS's put it for me
in one list here more less.. of what can go wrong and
what is the timing I could expect things to start breaking
or malfunctioning in other way, be it some stuff related to
the car performance or things of the interior, switches..
latches.. door locks.. radio system, navigation etc..
I do no.. but you get the idea.. just anything really.

Please share from your experience or what you know and think
might go and in what order :).?

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How long is a piece of string??

A pillar rattles
B pillar rattles (4 visits to shop to fix)
screwed up electrics (3 visits to shop to fix)
blown premium audio speakers (1 visit to repair)
internal console rattles (ongoing 6 times returned for repairs)
Auto/Stop Start not working (10 visits to repair)
paint imperfections (multiple visits)
Digital radio not working (3 visits to fix)
extreme hesitation in acceleration particularly on 45 degree turns
random warranty fixes/recalls
memory seats randomly resetting- pretty awesome when your 6'5 driving at 100 KMPH and the seat decided to move to its closest point to the steering wheel...(not yet resolved)

I could go on, but my fingers are getting sore!

LOL! Maybe I will never know how long is a string, but I certainly know how long is yours :) and that is very helpful. Thanks so much.
Which model are we talking about here?

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MY 16.5, 16.0, 15.5 and 15.

They gave me a loaner which was MY17- same flipping issues!

the list I provided is the standard stuff most people have dealt with on this site save for maybe the A-pillar vibration/paint imperfections/seat automatically adjusting whilst driving.

Now I take my car in and they give me Jaguar or range rover sport as loaners-

In all honesty the car isn't that bad mechanically, there are some batches that are worse than others, my frustrations arise because the dealer really didn't want to listen to my issues and would not accept that there were faults unless proven beyond reasonable doubt...I took the car to a different service centre where they follow procedure with much more attention and put the client first
Stevebo, It is great to hear that the car is not that bad mechanically but what concerns me is that people say that there are all kinds of electric/electronics
and since in modern cars everythign is based on electronics from breaks to acceleration and with everything inbetween like alarm, instruments console, doors, mirrors, windows etc. so what does it really mean that the car is not that bad overall.

I wonder though what is the percentage of customers that have zero or minimal problems.. as in - acceptable level of problems as opposed those who constantly struggle with the problem after problem after problem.
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