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Has anyone used android auto adaptors / dongles to convert their in control touch (the one with the buttons on either side of the screen) to android auto without replacing the head unit or opening up the head unit to install convertors?

Don't want to replace the head unit or install a convertor as it will void the warranty of the vehicle. Plus going down that path may interfere with the other functions of the system like climate control, seat warming and ambient lighting.

I have a 2019 Discovery Sport HSE, with in control touch system.



2016 DS HSE Auto Gas/petrol
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Hi all a warm evening from Amsterdam!

I have ordered the unique AD android/apple car play and had it installed by my local tuning shop. My car is the Disco '17 HSE Lux

It's been over 2 weeks since installation and will give you the pros and cons of this machine!

First of all, Brexit... I needed to pay custom duty on the device. So device + shipping + custom = €750.

Then the installation was another €350,-

Total expenses: €1100,-

So this isn't quite the cheap option but it works really really good!

My experience is with the Android interface, don't have an iPhone or other Apple product.

Everything works like a charm, YouTube music, Spotify, waze and even the factory rear camera works. You will get an extra microphone that you need to install somewhere, mine was installed on the steering column.

I want to be honest with all of you, there are some cons. But if you can live with it, then it's all fine.

  • No dark mode! You can't push android in the developer mode to dark mode. This is an android bug. At night your face is lit by the screen in the middle.
  • Touch screen doesn't respond always, you need to press exactly on the correct spot. But after two days you know exactly were to push!
  • You need to switch back to Land Rover original menu to operate seat heating or 360 camera view for the narrow passage ways. Can be annoying if you are in a hurry.
  • Aux input, if you love high quality sound (like I do) you will hear the difference. Its not big or noticeable by most people but for me it can be sometimes frustrating. Have my Spotify now on extreme quality and it sounds much better.

Will I buy this again? YES!!

If you can spare the money and hate the current Sat NAV, just do it! Enjoy waze, incoming calls and also Gmaps. It gives this car the upgrade it deserves!

If you want pictures or have any questions, let me know.

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