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Buying used: 2L Ingenium (Gas) vs. 2L Ecoboost

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I'm currently considering a Discovery Sport and am looking at used vehicles; the 2015-2017 models featuring the 2L Ford Ecoboost engines in the USA are quite a bit cheaper than the 2018+ with 2L LR Ingenium engines. While the Ingenium seems to be better-liked in general by reviewers, the Ecoboost is a known engine, has been used in many different vehicles, and the faults are well-documented. As it's a Ford engine, parts are cheap.

As the Ingenium-engined vehicles are approaching 100k miles, are there any major faults people should be aware of or troubles anyone would like to share? I searched but didn't find many similar threads. Mind you, I'm speaking about the gas/petrol engines, not the diesels which have well-known documented issues. Is it worth springing for the 2018+ versus going for an earlier model and pocketing the difference?
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