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Bluetooth issues

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Hi, I have just purchased a 2017 disco sport HSE, I am having problems with the Bluetooth staying connected whilst playing music.
I read a post about downloading an app, unfortunately this no longer works.
I have pixel pro 7, has anyone figured a solution to this?
Any help much appreciated.
Thank you 馃槉
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if you have just bought the car the first step is to clear out all old information from prior owners. Next delete your information and unpair the phone, then delete the car from your phone.

Make sure your phone has been updated and pair the phone with the car and everything should be OK.

The only time I had a problem was after my phone did a massive update nothing worked until I started over. I also rebooted my phone and restarted the car to make every thing was fresh.
Ok thank you for this, there are no other phones connected but I will try these steps in the morning and keep my fingers crossed 馃馃徏
Have tried the steps listed above and still no luck 馃様
Yesterday after looking at your post I started listening to some music on my phone. Walked out to the car and as I entered the car and put the car in acc mode and changed audio input to Bluetooth music came from the car.. Prior to actually placing the input to Bluetooth the phone stopped producing sound as it connected to the Bluetooth.

Looked online and found numerous postings about the Pixel 7 not connecting to any car audio, so it seems like it is the phone to blame. There are several workarounds on those sites.
Thank you for this.
Had the phone for a while and never had a problem with it connecting to precious car.
Will keep looking and hoping for a miracle!
Apprently there was a phone update early this year causing the problem.
I have found another page with the same issue going back to 2019, with all phones aswell. Have booked the car in with Landrover for a software update, keeping my fingers crossed that will work.
Hi All, I have a 2018 Disco Sport and having an issue when streaming from spotify & Apple Music where it will fast forward/skip ahead a song and then eventually freeze, I dont have any issues when using other speakers only in my car. Is this a common issue and does anyone have a fix?
I just drove 450 km and not once did my spotify music have any problems on bluetooth. Only time music stopped was when I received a message from the navigation.

Of course I use a Samsung phone
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