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Bluetooth connection not stable

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Any one having issues with Bluetooth connection? My connection between Android phone keeps dropping every few minutes on 2016 Disco sport. It's frustrating!!
"Tech Guy" at local dealer was not helpful.
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After a half hour drive to the office I have to say unfortunately ... it doesn't work for me.
I have to look for another solution. Nevertheless many thanks!
Oh that's a shame - What was your battery charge like?
Oh that's a shame - What was your battery charge like?
Phone was charging + minimum 95%
Short update and my solution for my DS 2017 (phone pixel 4a) least it works for the last 2 days:
Like Sa276 wrote earlier in a post I switched off the battery optimisation for Bluetooth, Maps, Gmail & YouTube.
But unfortunately this didn't work. So I switched them back to on.
Then I installed the old version of the Phonebook app (Version 1.3.6) and also the Phonebook Transliteration app/plug-in.
For the Phonebook app I additionally switched off automatic update in the play store settings.
Result since 2 days: Perfect!
At last i hope an employee from LR reads this part: What a shameful incompetence!!!
I asked LR a couple of times for a solution...the only solution they had was giving me a link to a website with phones
and android/ios systems ( ).
Outdated smartphones with outdated software versions eg BlackBerry DTEK50 with software version 6.0.1 (AAF818)!?
Is this really LandRover Jaguar standard?!?!?! Even my daughter's FIAT has no Bluetooth problems, no matter what phone(ok, to be fair....Bluetooth is the only thing that works in that "car")!
It is fckn annoying ... NOT ANY sense of responsibility towards the customers. You got your money, perfect...for all other troubles you have the devil-may-care attitude.
And the customers click from one DS website to another searching for a solution...woooowww...WHAT A UNFCKN UNBELIEVABLE FCKN FCKN SHAME!!!
After 3 weeks I have to say, unfortunately, still the same problem.
If someone has found a solution in the meantime, I (and I guess all the other ones) would be very grateful if he would share the solution here.
Thanks a lot!
It's still working fine no drops for music (I haven't tested the phone yet as we've still been in lockdown in London, haven't used the car much!).

I have a Google pixel, I switched off optimisation for the following:

Hope that helps and good luck!
Could you please tell me how to switch off optimisation on a pixel please
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