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I have a 2020 Discovery Sport P250 S. The backup camera view shows an overlay of two yellow lines. I noticed that sometimes a different overlay appears with some additional indicators. I could not tell why one would appear sometimes, and sometime the other one would show up. I noticed that when the backup camera is on, there are two icons on the left side of the display - one for audible warnings, and the other for the "enhanced" overlay. So now I know how to activate it, but I'm wondering if anyone knows: 1. What conditions cause one overlay to be used over the other, and 2. Is there a setting somewhere to set the enhanced view as the default?

This is not a problem - just curious. Both overlays work fine. This is simply me going through the documentation and system menus but unable to find anything. Thank you.

Update: Here is a picture of the default view (top), and the alternate view when the left-side icon is on (bottom):
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