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Happy New Year everyone.
I am trying to retrofit an armrest and looking for info - opinions.
I have recently purchased the following centre console which to be honest i am not sure if it fits on my MY16.... I believe yes but....
[Cant upload link or photo but its an armrest from a 2015 DS 2.2 lt

I have used Topix files and have seen how to disassembly the console (501 Body and Paint, 501-12 Instrument Panels and Console/ Removal floor console).

As you can understand right now my console is without armrest.
I have searched around and couldn't find more info regarding these parts so i would like to have your opinion to the following.

1.Attached Photo Side Panel
I am trying to find this side panel on UK dealers since GreeK market prices are..... they asked me 350€ per side... just for the side covers.

2.Attached Photo Dront Side Panels
Will this part be the same for both constructions? (with or W/O armrest)?

3.Attached Photo Rear Body
This Grey part is the main body of the console. I believe this will also be the same for both the constructions. As you can see the top box inside the armrest (green) and the sliding armrest itself are push and click on to the main body. If this part is the same then i wont have to disassembly it.

Do i need any special tool or i just pull off every part? :O
To be honest i am afraid to start disassembly the console since i am afraid the for future problems like rattles etc....

Any opinion is welcome.
Thank you


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aftermarket armrest, a very nice solution

you can find an easy solution at woodcompany italy 8you can find it on google search) you will find an aftermarket armrest that fit all the disco sport.
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