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so another issue to add to the list.....
Recently (after 18 months of ownership) my alarm just randomly went off several times throughout a week.
Did some google search and learned that a lot of LR3 and a few other older models have had frequent and well know issue with either the hood or trunk latch sensor.
People recommend to replace but some actually just suggest shorting the sensor.

However, none of those reports reference our DiscoSport models.
I would assume this is the same and just want to hear if anyone else experience it ?
Let me know if you have had your alarm go off at random (most likely caused by sudden temp drop)....and if you did go to the dealership for repairs.

The repair is very simple $40 part.....but most likely I will go for shorting the wires.... but would like to first confirm the issue.

PS: no, it's not an animal, wind or a thief.... I have night camera for the outside and reviewed the video.

Thank you !
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